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Anything store managers need in one operating system

Turning retail stores into sales powerhouses

With Linetweet – the trusted Standard in Store Operating Systems

  • Check from your desk what's happening in your retail stores in real time 

  • Benefit from automated improvements that boost store performance 

  • Maximize employee and customer satisfaction through seamless work flows 

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Main challenges in retail operations

  1. Having actionable insights to make the right decisions
  2. Creating the right balance between shift plans and customer demand
  3. Achieving operational excellence for best customer satisfaction


An operations intelligence system to successfully understand, manage and improve stores performance – at scale.

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Why do some stores perform better than others?

  • Why are you losing customers?

  • How many employees are needed?

  • What is your maximum potential?

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Identify and display real-time performance.

Get real-time recommendations on how to turn weaknesses into strengths.

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Knowing problems is one thing, fixing them directly makes all the difference.

You benefit from maximum transparency and direct action items to fix problems quickly and sustainably.

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Maximize your Revenue with Customer Flow Management.

Peak times are good and bad. If there are no peak times, you have too many employees. But peak times cause high waiting times and hence lost customers.

The goal is to flatten peak times and keep your employees productive throughout the day.

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Improve your Workforce to maximize productivity – and not at the expense of the workers.

  • Right employees and the right time.

  • Improve employee skills in a targeted manner.

  • Keep your employees happy and motivated.

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Achieve Operational Excellence.

With automatic task prioritization, your stores will never forget a customer again. 

7 / 7

With STORE.AI, you have the assurance that your retail operation works at its best.

The system learns from the best stores every day, creating performance standards that benefit every store.

Hear it from

Clients and partners

„The innovative STORE.AI is a real benefit for store guests. Their requests are recorded and resolved as directly as possible. By reducing waiting times, we significantly increase customer satisfaction.
Bijan Esfahani SVP Telekom Stores – 440 Stores
„Mit der Digitalen Warteliste können wir die Wartezeiten für unsere Kunden besser organisieren und damit die Kundenzufriedenheit unmittelbar steigern.
Stefan Wolk Director E-Commerce / Sales & Digital Innovation, Fielmann Group AG – 900 Stores
„Linetweet achieves sustainable operational excellence, which is a big challenge for companies. I would love to have had such a powerful tool.
Dr. Dieter Zetsche Former CEO Mercedes-Benz

Boost your performance with these features

We are improving and adding features regularly.

Store Organization

Back-office Notification

Welcome Management

Task Prioritization

CRM Integration

Break Planning

Appointment Planning

Shift Planning

Store Performance Funnel

Performance Map

The three superpowers of STORE.AI

Turning retail stores
into sales powerhouses

Operational Excellence in real time
Performance coach provides unique actionable insights for 10+% performance improvement
Super easy to integrate into your existing IT
Integration of existing frequency meters for maximum insights
100% GDPR compliant
Enabling employees to bring their A game
Store organizer for full overview of customer demands, tasks and available employees
Maximum productivity by automatic execution plan of customer demands and tasks
Optimal staff and appointment scheduling
Sales rep briefing through full CRM integration
Maximizing customer experience
Minimum waiting times for walk-in and appointment customers
Digital welcome management allows customers to spend time outside and get notified
No need to repeat demands, all systems and employees are in sync
Less crowded and stressful environment

Hear it from

The founders

Miro Bogdanovic, Viraj Tank
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Miro Bogdanovic

CEO & Founder
Former CEO Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab

Viraj Tank

CTO & Founder
Former Chief Architect of Mercedes App

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